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We are traditional Gold Smiths, entered in Die making since 2012 due to demand of precision dies. Our expertise is in making high precision wire-cut EDM dies with sharp corner radius used in making Gold Jewelry and other sheet metal processing. Job work from different industries has made us adaptable enough to take challenging wire-cut orders.

Amenities :

1) Experience: Production of 5000+ precision Wire-cut dies in 4 Years.

2) Design Section: Experienced 2D & 3D CAD designers.

3) EDMs: 5 Concord’s Reusable Wire-cut machines + 1 EDM Drill machine.

4) Conventional: 2 Vertical Milling Machines, Surface Grinder, Hex-saw.

5) Heat Treatment: 2 Electrical Furnace, Oil Quenching Tank.

6) Assembly: Fly Wheel Press, Tools, and experienced fitters.

7) Quality Check: Hardness Testing Machine, High DPI Scanners, 1 Micron digital Mitutoyo Micrometer and Dial Gauges.
Quality maintenance system in EDM Section

Our Motto:
QUALITY NEVER COMES BY CHANCE ” In Jewellery dies, the sheet thickness used in cutting span from 0.1mm to 1mm, so tight fit in punch & die assembly is very important to avoid burr on Job.    Maintaining the tight fit between punch and cavity with several curves is really a challenge in the production process between 5 machines.

 * Wire Diameter: As we know, in reusable wire machines wire on drum lasts for 3 days (max) which reduces in Dia 0.01mm every day.

 Our Practice: Gauge of wire is checked thrice a day (by 1 Micron digital Mitutoyo Micrometer) and do not use wire after the 3rd day.

 * Carbide wearing: Due to the hardness of molybdenum wire carbide stud wears faster, which leads to an improper power supply in EDM process.

 Our Practice: Carbide studs are checked every day.

 * Carbon & emery accumulation in Coolant: Excess accumulation of carbon and emery leads to excess sparking and poor surface finish.

Our Practice: Use of magnet rods and steel filters and clean it daily to keep the coolant clean.

 In this way, we compete in the market by our quality. The following page contains the sample images (in 1:1) of our dies made 100% in-house.

 We, humbly request you to consider us and provide a test order.

Wire Cut EDM Dies

We are the No.1 service provider for Wire Cut EDM Dies in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).


M Tech Dies

We are the No.1 service provider for M Tech Dies in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).


Precision Dies

We are the No.1 service provider for Precision Dies in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).